Woodhill Meadow

Woodhill is big nature garden, a magical place where children can safely explore and learn about wildlife and the natural environment.

woodhill 041

Wiggly grassy paths wind around hedgerows and run in tunnels beneath a canopy of trees, open out onto seating areas or grassy spots, log piles or ponds where you can poke about to discover creeping crawlies, birds, toads and newts. Each turn in the path might reveal something new; young stoats playing in a log pile, a roe deer, a woodpecker tapping away at a dead tree or an owl trying to catch a nap during daytime.

Set in the countryside at the edge of the Margrove Valley, close enough to Middlesbrough and urban Teesside but wild enough to give a sense of adventure. Woodhill itself is carefully enclosed so that little ones won’t get lost, but bigger people who want to go further can use it as a starting point for a trek onto the moor top or to follow a longer loop around the Margrove Valley taking in other features such as the Old Shale Heaps, the Margrove Ponds and any number of natural and industrial heritage features.